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While the city of Lapu-Lapu City is a prime tourist destination, Aldea Del Sol itself is a development that has an attractive internal environment. As a flourishing community with 5 phases, this development has created its own settlement of people with shared values and ambitions for life. Succeeding in such an environment is much easier because of the networks, partnerships, and friendships. That aside, the following amenities ice this huge cake.

Exclusive Entry Gate
Accessing this well-planned community is much easier and as you approach the entrance, you will be met with a majestic façade that warmly ushers you in to explore what this island development has in store. The gate is manned 24/7 and this is great because security is a priority in any property development. Within this secure community, you can exploit your potentials without any fear of loss. The security is further enhanced by a perimeter wall.

Landscaped Entrance
There are tree-lined streets which welcome you into this quiet and serene environment. The landscaping is done in a way that preserves the beauty of this residential community while at the same time bringing order into how the different features within the compounds are arranged. 

Swimming Pool
This gives you a vacation vibe characteristic of Mactan Island. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will find the pool quite attractive because it is standardized to compare well with those used in competitions. There are pool beds on the sides for you to bask and enjoy some massage as you relax. The design of the pool is such that it allows you to enjoy cool refreshing drinks with your friends and family around it or while partially submerged in water. Kids are not left behind too as there is a spacious shallow end for them to learn how to swim and have fun.

Gazebos generally give you an awesome spot for family entertainment. Imagine having a summer barbecue outdoors somewhere in a shaded area with a gazebo over you! Filinvest through these gazebos have created fantastic spaces for social activities irrespective of the weather. The gazebo is stylishly done to complement the vibrant outdoor atmosphere. Now you have no reason to spend all your time indoors.

Children Playground
If there is something you cannot deny your children, it is the fact that they have to play and run around. This is because children are naturally active and love recreational sites and facilities. At Aldea Del Sol their needs are fully catered for as the playground is spacious enough to accommodate all of them.

Basketball Court
Have you dreamt or had ambitions of learning a new sport or bettering your skills at something? The basketball court opens possibilities for all of these. It is well designed with all the standard requirements to create a champ out of you. You could even come up with a community basketball team! There is no limit to your possibilities.

Other amenities include roof decks, cabana, and spacious sidewalks for you to take an afternoon stroll with the kids into the lush green gardens.

  • Roof deck homes
  • 24-hr security
  • Landscaped Entrance
  • Cabana
  • Swimming pool
  • Gazebo
  • Children's playground
  • Tree-lined streets
  • Basketball court
  • Perimeter wall
  • Spacious sidewalk
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